Persecution finished!

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey all!  I just put the last words on Persecuted, the second novella in the Phantasia series.  After I finish editing it, I’ll get started on Perdition.  It currently clocks in at about 37,000 words (pretty hefty for a novella) but we’ll see if that changes after the edits.

In other news, I’ll be e-publishing The Needs of a Naiad, the second in of my nymph stories.  Check it out!

The Needs of a Naiad

Lilaea is a young, inexperienced Naiad.  In fact, unlike most nymphs, she has never laid with a man before.  At her sisters’ persuasion, she works up the courage to approach a lone fisherman’s boat.  Only this fisherman, Delphis, isn’t alone.  His father and uncle find Lilaea and fish her out of the water, and watch as a willing audience to see what Delphis does with her.

For mature readers only, due to multiple sex scenes, oral, and m/f/m menage.


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