Trying to decide what to do with this blog

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

So obviously I’ve been continuing to publish works, but I’ve left this blog to gather dust.   Not that I mean to, it’s just that I’m never sure what to write in these things.  What are people interested in hearing about (besides sex)?  I don’t know.  Do you all want to know that I mainline one and a half liters of tea every morning as I crank out my first three thousand words of the day?  Do you want to know that I have a life outside of erotica?  Do you really want to know the wizard behind the veil?

At any rate, I’ve been busy in the past months with other writing projects, namely a middle grade novel and a YA novel.  It’s true, I write more than smut.  But December will be dedicated to erotica, and erotica only.  Well.  I may edit the other novels that I finished, but new content will largely be erotica.  In no particular order, I hope to get out these fine works:

  • Taming the Tigress and Breeding the Tigress (the first in this series, Hunting the Tigress, is already out.)
  • The Billionaire’s BBW Secret (since I do enjoy a good BBW story.)
  • Five Alarm Gang Bang (A follow-up to Five Alarm Firehouse, since these guys were fun to write!)
  • Mirrored (a very fun story that’s probably going to be novel length – it’s like Fight Club, only sex instead of fighting.)
  • and an as-yet-unnamed story about football and vampires.  Strange, I know

I truly appreciate all my fans, of course.  All two of them.  To show my appreciation, I think I’ll leave you all a snippet; a lovely, raunchy sex scene, from Hunting the Tigress.  If you enjoy this, I hope you’ll decide to support me and my craft and buy the entire short (this is only about one fifth of it!)

Lana made her way out of her room and back to the front of the house. There was only one man in the waiting room, but the moment Lana saw him, she knew he was for her.

She let out a tiny gasp when their eyes locked. His were dark and burning, with a fierce fire within them. Everything else about his was just as fierce and beautiful as well. He had a tangled brown mane of hair, the high, wide cheekbones of a mountain cat, a strong, well defined jaw and full, luscious lips.

Lana could tell he was every inch the dom. She nearly swooned at the sight of him.

After a few moments, she realized she’d been staring, and she flushed, tearing her eyes away from the client. After all, she told herself, he might not be for her. He might be for someone else.

“Mistress,” she said softly, and then coughed. “I’m here.”

“Ah, yes. Amethyst. Your client is waiting.” Lana’s heart soared as the man stood and made for her. He was hers, he was all hers for three glorious days.

While some stupid part of her was almost expecting romance, instead the client swept by her, grabbing her hair as he passed her and pulling her along behind him.

“Come, pet,” he said smoothly. His voice was like pure melted chocolate dripping across the blackest of silks. So smooth, so dark. She obeyed him without a thought. She would follow that voice to the ends of the earth.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, tiny pin pricks of pain already etched onto her scalp from where he was pulling her hair. Shivers ran up and down her body. This was truly the first client she’d ever really been excited about. She was immediately infatuated with him – there was just something about him that made her shiver and quake in anticipation.

He seemed to know exactly where he was going, as well. He dragged her right to her room, and casually tossed the heavy door open like it weighed nothing at all. And then he tossed her in the room as if she weighed nothing at all, either.

Lana gasped and let out a small shriek when she hit the floor. Pain shot up her spine when her hips connected with the floor – the thick carpet softened the pain somewhat, but not very much. Her client only laughed at her discomfort.

“Am I going to get a weak kitten, or a fierce wildcat tonight?” he said lowly as he shut the door, advancing on Lana now.

Her eyes grew wide. “What is it you want, sir?” she asked, her voice wavering. Most clients only wanted submission from her. She’d never had to play as anything fierce or dangerous.

“I want something like me. Wild. Dangerous. Sexy,” he purred, stretching a finger down and hooking her chin. “But I have to wonder if you’re capable of it. You haven’t fought me at all so far.” He smiled, his unusually long canines glinting in the dim light.

Something clicked inside Lana. So that was what he wanted. She pulled her head back and snapped her jaws at that offending finger.

He laughed. “I think you’ll do very nicely.” Without another word, he descended on her, leaping upon her like a lion in its prey, right there on the floor. Lana fought back, because that was what he wanted. Nothing artful, no bondage, no gags, no whips. Just bare skin, teeth and nails clawing and biting. She almost felt like a cat herself as he struggled to pin her down. She spat and swatted at him, her claws raking against his fine suit. Then, she grabbed that expensive fabric and yanked, hard. They both froze as she heard a huge rip.

Lana looked up at him, momentarily drawn out of the play. “Oh God, I’m sorry sir,” she said.

Only only looked down at her with those fierce, feral eyes. “You’ll do quite nicely.

The play resumed.

As hard as she fought, she was no match for him. He was far larger, far stronger. She could tell even under that suit that he worked out regularly, and had a finely toned and muscled body to show for it. Soon enough, he head her hands pinned down to the ground, and his body pressed down on top of her own. Try as she might, she could barely move a muscle.

He laughed. “My poor cat really is more of a kitten,” he said.

Lana hissed wordlessly at that, baring her teeth as she struggled. She felt like a wildcat now, and he was the hunter. And he’d caught her.

But they were at an impasse. As soon as he tried anything, she would escape, quick as lightning.

But he had to try something anyways. He lifted his hands to remove his torn jacket, and she lashed out at him once more, growled just like a cat would. But his body was too heavy for her to do much more.

As soon as the jacket and shirt were off, he was down upon her again. Quick as lightning, his hand shot up and gripped her chin, his burning eyes mere inches from hers. She growled and snapped, lashing her hands about, hitting his bare back now, but he only laughed.

“A tigress should have claws,” he hissed, and Lana’s eyes burned just as fiercely as his. Her hands crabbed, and she dug them into his skin.

“Better,” he said, scarcely even acknowledging the pain that he must have been feeling. Instead of reacting, he stood, still gripping her jaws firmly. “Get up,” he commanded.

Lana obeyed. It was what she was trained to do.

He snarled and hurled her onto the bed. “You’re no tigress! Just an obedient little cat!” With that said he was on her again. Try as she might, she couldn’t shake him off, and soon he had her corset undone. In her thrashing, she slid out of it, exposing her bronzed belly and generous breasts. The client eyes burned fiercely when he saw them exposed, and he pressed a hand down on her bare torso. It felt like a burning iron on her skin.

“Stay there,” he said firmly, then stood up off the bed, undoing his pants now, the only item of clothing left that needed to come off. Lana knew she should move, leap off the bed and fight him again, but her gaze was transfixed by what she saw. His cock was strained against his boxer briefs, huge and thick. It made her weak at the knees. She burned for it, she ached for it. She wanted nothing more than that thick rod inside her.

After he stepped out of his pants and removed his shoes, he looked up at her and smiled. “You are far too obedient,” he said, smirking. “I’m not sure you’ll do at all, now.”

“You think so?” Lana said lightly, not moving from her position. “Come and get me. Come see if you can catch me.” She shivered at those words. She still wasn’t certain that she was doing the right thing, but when he grinned, that temporary uneasiness melted away and left only lust. She was so new to this play, but she loved it already. She loved being a tigress.

Growling, he leapt on the bed again, bouncing her against the plush mattress. She clawed and spit, bother of them naked now, naked and violent and feral. Her nails raked against his body, leaving raised pink lines, and his own hands forced her down on the bed. She screamed and bucked her body upwards, her hips pressing against his rock hard member. He snarled and dipped his head down as her skin brushed against that throbbing erection, and he bit her on the neck. Hard.

The pain, the overwhelming and ever-present pain was all she needed. Lana’s lust was kicked into overdrive, and suddenly she began to cling to her client, her grasping hands drawing him closer to her. He dipped his head down once again, not to bite her, but to kiss her deeply and savagely. His tongue forced her lips apart, forced its way inside her mouth and probed every recess. He was overwhelmingly sexy, hitting every button in her brain, making her moan and squirm and beg for him. She begged for his thick cock to fill her to her limits.

He growled like a lion above her, feeding into that lust and pressing his hot body down on hers. Every motion, every touch and scratch and bite felt better than the last, and Lana yearned for him, she ached for him like she had ached for no other man before him. There was something about this client that set her off like nothing else.

Wordlessly, with the savagery of an animal, he he slipped his hands downwards, dragging his nails harshly on her breasts, then her belly, then her thighs. His glinted with a fiery menace as he wrenched those legs apart, no matter how Lana tried to keep them closed. He was so strong, so strong… she couldn’t resist him.

She threw her head back, gasping as his hands delved even deeper. His nimble fingers were surprisingly gentle now as he play with her sensitive inner thighs, and brushed against the sensitive folds of her pussy. While every touch of his set her on fire, it was here, here that she was most sensitive. She moaned loudly as his fingers now dipped between those folds, feeling her slickness, her readiness, and he laughed.

“Not so resistant now, are we?” he said lightly. A finger slid up the length of her cunt, from near her asshole, up to the hood covering her aching clit. That sensation caused a violent shiver to run through her body, another moan to escape her lips.

He was so good.

She didn’t respond to his teasing, she only lifted her ass off the bed, bucking up against his hand and silently begging him to please finally take her. She’s never been teased like this before. Never before had a client held off for so long. At least, that was the way she felt.

He laughed again, but he finally obliged her as well, slipping that thick cock of his between her thighs, then between the folds of her cunt. She was so wet, she was practically dripping with desire for him. She needed him like she needed no one else in the world, at the moment.

With a sigh almost of relief, he slid that massive dick inside her. Slowly, inch by inch he dipped inside her, spreading her wide, stretching her to her limits. As his dick hit every pleasurable spot inside her, Lana shivered and tensed. Euphoria flooded through her veins in every increasing waves. She could feel, with every inch that entered her, a climax begin to rise.

Her client wasn’t tender and slow for long. As soon as he was buried inside her, to the very hilt, he begin to fuck her, hard and fast. Back to the animalistic urges they went – writhing, sweaty bodies focused only on their pleasure. Lana’s hands reached up and wrapped around his slick torso, her nails digging into his skin.

Faster and faster he thrust, and he dipped his head and bit savagely at her neck now. She was certain that he drew blood from her, and the pain blossomed and flowered in her brain, making her only want more, more of him, more of this frantic, rough sex.

He was slamming into her, his hips banging roughly against her ass as he pushed her up the expansive bed with the force of his pounding. He growled and grunted, and Lana clenched her cunt tightly, savoring the feelings of pleasure that she was giving him. She loved that part best of all. She loved knowing that she was going to give him the ultimate pleasure in minutes, or even seconds. She loved making him come, right inside her.

And he did. With a grunt and a tense clenching of his body, he let loose a torrent of spunk inside her, filling her to the brim with his seed. For many long moments he hovered over her, giving another thrust every so often.

It was over. Lana let her body un-tense, and she fell back on the bed. He fell on top of her, still panting and sweaty from his exertion, and his weight bore down on her, pushing her into the soft comforter and plush mattress.


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