Oh Minor Writer Blocks, I love you

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I rarely get writer’s block, because whenever I get stuck in a novel, I realize that no one really cares that much about the plot, as long as people are having sex.  Of course it’s good to have angst and strife and things happening, but it doesn’t really matter how the characters get there, as long as it’s mildly interesting and ends in sex.

I realized the other day though that I was getting too serious about my writing when I started to stress about how I was going to get my sexy gay firefighters together for a gang bang.  Do they really need that much of a reason beyond ‘hey, we get sex!’  I don’t think so. 

So that story will center around a bet, I believe.  Bets are good plot devices especially in erotica.  They encourage characters to do things that they might not otherwise do, so they’re especially good for gang bang stories!

Anyways, writer’s block.  I found myself with a mild case of it yesterday, so my solution was to force myself to not write anything yesterday or today.  For someone who writes 5000 words a day, this is borderline maddening.  I may not make it.  I’ve even resorted to making a blog post.

I think I may have to write something tonight.


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