Adventures in Microsoft Editing

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Things have slowed down greatly in the past few days because I got into a car accident over the weekend.  Worse yet, my car was totaled, so now I’m scrambling for a new one.  The only saving grace is that it was 100% not my fault, and I don’t have to pay that damned deductible.

Anyways!  Adventures in using Microsoft Word’s edit feature.  You see boys and girls, I don’t have the luxury of an editor, so I have to do it all myself.  My eyes tend to glaze over after a few thousand words.  It’s much more difficult work than one would think, and I’ve come to accept that self published works are going to have grammatical and spelling errors because it’s a difficult to impossible task to get rid of them all, especially when you have to work at the breakneck speed that erotica demands.

That said, I really don’t trust Word to edit my documents.  I’m currently running it through Mirrored (which is nearly complete, BTW) and it seems to think the following sentence:

Because, well, like I said before, I think you’re a person worth knowing. 

Should be:

Because, well, like I said before, I think you do a person worth know. 

Now granted, my version of the sentence is a bit clunky, but it’s a boy awkwardly talking to the protagonist.  Microsoft turns him into Google Translate.  Ridiculous.

Speaking of editing, I got the most darling review on the first Her Father, My Master series:

The story line is rather childish. And tons of BLATANT GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! Poorly edited, and obviously shelf published. Felt like I was reading a teenagers written story.

Yep.  Tons of ‘blatant errors’ in my 40,000 word story.  You could bother to edit a three sentence review, but I guess that’s too hard.  Because editing is hard.

I love snarking on my more idiotic reviewers.

  1. elena says:

    I loved your series her father my master! when you will publish the third one? it is a very interesting story

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