Cars and Writing

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have managed to procure a new (used) car now – thankfully my totaled car was completely paid off, and my funds from that came quickly and almost but not quite covered my expenses for the new car.  Which is a convertible.  That I bought in the middle of the winter.  In Virginia.  I never said I was a smart girl.

Progress is proceeding swimmingly with my writing as well.  I’m nearly finished with Mirrored and I also just finished my novella, The Billionaire’s BBW Secret today.  Now begins rounds of editing.  I try to read through every story at least twice, but with these longer works it’s difficult.  I wish I could hire a second set of eyes to go over things, but I’m barely scraping by as it is, and I need to save my editing dollars for the really important stuff.

I’ve found that more than anything, reading my stories aloud helps me catch errors and odd turns of phrase.  My editing for Mirrored has been more intense then with other stories, and I think this is why.  Of course, it makes for slower going, and I get sick of the sound of my voice by the end of the night!  Ah well, the sacrifices I make.

Anyways – on to editing!  Then perhaps a bit more writing.  Then editing.  Today is definitely a work day.


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