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Still going, 45k into a new title

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

It seems I’ve abandoned short fiction for the time being.  I haven’t done a story less than 20k words in months.  I still have a short piece that needs to be edited, but right now I’m working on what’s probably going to be a full novel length piece about werewolves, kidnapping, and betrayal.  I just hope it’s good – it’s much more action oriented than previous things I’ve done.

“When I was born, I got my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, both arms, and one of my ankles. Mom said that the doctor, at one point, stopped delivering me and just started laughing. I mean, if I ever let being bad at something stop me, I wouldn’t even be here. That thing some men call failure, I call… living. Breakfast. And I’m not leaving until I’ve cleaned out the buffet.” (Pierce Hawthorne, Community)
This little quote is a good reminder to myself that if I don’t fail, I’m doing something wrong.  Failure is absolutely a part of growth and everyone learns more from their failures than their successes.  For a long time I was afraid of failing, but for the most part I’ve learned to shut that part of myself up and just go for it.  My last story (the BBW Billionaire one) was a failure in some ways, but I learned a lot from it, and I’m going to apply it to my next one.  I’m definitely writing another BBW story in the near future!

The Fountain is Flowing Again!

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m working on a werewolf story that I’m really excited about because I’m haven’t written one of those in so long.  And the love interest is dark!  And sullen!  And brooding!  I have so much trouble writing those kinds of people because I’m just not like that, but I think this is working.  He’s only smiled once so far and I’m 21,000 words in!

I’ve also learned my lesson to never ever publish half a story without explicitly saying to be continued.  My BBW Billionaire story is still getting roundly kicked in the ass with reviews despite selling fairly well.  I can only hope the dissatisfied readers pick up the second half for a true resolution, but no guarantees, alas.

Also, good news for the Angel Among Wolves fans – I’ve finally gotten inspiration for a third in the series!  You should expect it to come out within the next few months, though now that I’ve said that I’m sure I’m going to experience some awful writer’s block.  Of course.

It seems like after a bit of a dry period (only a thousand words a day, boo) things are really picking up again.  I’m excited about writing, I’ve got a printer so I can print things out and do really thorough spelling and grammar checks, and I’ve even for a very helpful writer’s group in the area.  Everything is turning up Milhouse!

ETA: Hilariously enough, it occurred to me that I totally should add any and all alcohol expenses to my work related expenses for my tax info.  Not that I did!  But alcohol helps me write sometimes.