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Whoops, I really let this blog slide, didn’t I?  Well, I’m back for the moment!

In the past few months, I regret to say my writing has slowed quite a bit, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been shifting my focus to other genres, but I do have a novel coming up soon!  It will be my first romancey-type romance (not erotic, though there are quite a few steamy sex scenes in it!)  I also have a novella that I’m editing right now, but I feel that particular piece still needs quite a bit of work, unfortunately.

That aside, I’m also being featured in an interview coming up this June 13th, in honor of Father’s Day!  On that day, the first volume of ‘Her Father, My Master’ will also be going free, and will remain free through to the holiday.  Check out the promotion at A. C. James’ blog!