Then please give it a positive review!  I’m drowning in negative reviews right now and it makes me very sad.  I don’t think readers realize that with indie authors reviews are much more personal.  The recent one that really stings me is ‘it’s well written but not my thing – 2 STARS.’  Really?  I mean… really?


The Long Slow March

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Despite my little mid-month adventure in car crashing and car buying, I’ve managed to stay mostly on track with writing.  I have all but one story written (aside from the Football one; I’ve decided to abandon it, and perhaps reuse the sex scene elsewhere, because it is sexy) and the only thing I have left to write is a short story, and finish up Mirrored.

I have however fallen woefully behind on editing.

There is something about editing that I simply dislike.  It’s difficult at best to go over my own stories with a fine toothed comb, and even picking out simple grammar and spelling errors when I’m five thousand words into a ten thousand word editing session becomes a chore.  Add to that the hunt for plot holes and inconsistent character development and repetitive word use, and it just becomes a nightmare.

But I will persevere!

Also, it’s very strange to me that my best selling series is also my most poorly reviewed one.  I suppose it goes to show you that if the synopsis is good enough, people will buy it!  And a good synopsis is very important.  If you’re bad as distilling your plots down into a compelling one, two, or three short paragraphs, you really should consider getting help with that.  I think even I need help.  I tend to use rhetorical questions as a crutch, and I’m trying to get away from it.  We’ll see how well I do.

Cars and Writing

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I have managed to procure a new (used) car now – thankfully my totaled car was completely paid off, and my funds from that came quickly and almost but not quite covered my expenses for the new car.  Which is a convertible.  That I bought in the middle of the winter.  In Virginia.  I never said I was a smart girl.

Progress is proceeding swimmingly with my writing as well.  I’m nearly finished with Mirrored and I also just finished my novella, The Billionaire’s BBW Secret today.  Now begins rounds of editing.  I try to read through every story at least twice, but with these longer works it’s difficult.  I wish I could hire a second set of eyes to go over things, but I’m barely scraping by as it is, and I need to save my editing dollars for the really important stuff.

I’ve found that more than anything, reading my stories aloud helps me catch errors and odd turns of phrase.  My editing for Mirrored has been more intense then with other stories, and I think this is why.  Of course, it makes for slower going, and I get sick of the sound of my voice by the end of the night!  Ah well, the sacrifices I make.

Anyways – on to editing!  Then perhaps a bit more writing.  Then editing.  Today is definitely a work day.

Adventures in Microsoft Editing

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Things have slowed down greatly in the past few days because I got into a car accident over the weekend.  Worse yet, my car was totaled, so now I’m scrambling for a new one.  The only saving grace is that it was 100% not my fault, and I don’t have to pay that damned deductible.

Anyways!  Adventures in using Microsoft Word’s edit feature.  You see boys and girls, I don’t have the luxury of an editor, so I have to do it all myself.  My eyes tend to glaze over after a few thousand words.  It’s much more difficult work than one would think, and I’ve come to accept that self published works are going to have grammatical and spelling errors because it’s a difficult to impossible task to get rid of them all, especially when you have to work at the breakneck speed that erotica demands.

That said, I really don’t trust Word to edit my documents.  I’m currently running it through Mirrored (which is nearly complete, BTW) and it seems to think the following sentence:

Because, well, like I said before, I think you’re a person worth knowing. 

Should be:

Because, well, like I said before, I think you do a person worth know. 

Now granted, my version of the sentence is a bit clunky, but it’s a boy awkwardly talking to the protagonist.  Microsoft turns him into Google Translate.  Ridiculous.

Speaking of editing, I got the most darling review on the first Her Father, My Master series:

The story line is rather childish. And tons of BLATANT GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! Poorly edited, and obviously shelf published. Felt like I was reading a teenagers written story.

Yep.  Tons of ‘blatant errors’ in my 40,000 word story.  You could bother to edit a three sentence review, but I guess that’s too hard.  Because editing is hard.

I love snarking on my more idiotic reviewers.

Oh Minor Writer Blocks, I love you

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I rarely get writer’s block, because whenever I get stuck in a novel, I realize that no one really cares that much about the plot, as long as people are having sex.  Of course it’s good to have angst and strife and things happening, but it doesn’t really matter how the characters get there, as long as it’s mildly interesting and ends in sex.

I realized the other day though that I was getting too serious about my writing when I started to stress about how I was going to get my sexy gay firefighters together for a gang bang.  Do they really need that much of a reason beyond ‘hey, we get sex!’  I don’t think so. 

So that story will center around a bet, I believe.  Bets are good plot devices especially in erotica.  They encourage characters to do things that they might not otherwise do, so they’re especially good for gang bang stories!

Anyways, writer’s block.  I found myself with a mild case of it yesterday, so my solution was to force myself to not write anything yesterday or today.  For someone who writes 5000 words a day, this is borderline maddening.  I may not make it.  I’ve even resorted to making a blog post.

I think I may have to write something tonight.

It’s Okay to Enjoy Cheetos

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I make no bones about it: what I write are literary cheetos.  They’re tasty and fun, but not particularly filling or fulfilling.  But that’s okay!  You can’t read Tolstoy all the time or you’d go insane.  Or else be a very, very boring person.

That said, I’m actually bit proud of what I have coming out within the next few weeks.  It’s a novel about a girl who comes to terms with who she is and where she came from through sex.  That’s right, sex.  But I want to say that I’ve actually learned a few things while writing this story (a first for me, with erotica) and I hope whoever reads it learns a few things as well.

But who am I kidding, knowing my luck it either won’t be read or will be as badly reviewed as my Her Father, My Master series.  Which by the way, most of the reviews make valid points.  But not this one:

Kristal had a slave/master relationship with Mr. Hendricks (her friend Maddie’s father). Although he claimed to be teaching her control, it appeared he was simply denying her any emotional or sexual release. She’s quoted throughout the book as saying, “he left her feeling used and abused.” He would roughly have sex with her and leave her to find her own gratification.  It was actually disturbing to read at times.

Do you not know what BDSM is, dear reader?  It’s all about control and deprivation, and denying orgasms is a classic way to maintain control and deprive someone of something.  I suggest you go back to that vanilla shit that is 50 Shades of Brown or whatever that series is called, with the fuzzy handcuffs.

Now, I may not be an expert on BDSM, but I daresay I know more than this girl.

Ahem.  Rant over.  Have an excerpt.

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So obviously I’ve been continuing to publish works, but I’ve left this blog to gather dust.   Not that I mean to, it’s just that I’m never sure what to write in these things.  What are people interested in hearing about (besides sex)?  I don’t know.  Do you all want to know that I mainline one and a half liters of tea every morning as I crank out my first three thousand words of the day?  Do you want to know that I have a life outside of erotica?  Do you really want to know the wizard behind the veil?

At any rate, I’ve been busy in the past months with other writing projects, namely a middle grade novel and a YA novel.  It’s true, I write more than smut.  But December will be dedicated to erotica, and erotica only.  Well.  I may edit the other novels that I finished, but new content will largely be erotica.  In no particular order, I hope to get out these fine works:

  • Taming the Tigress and Breeding the Tigress (the first in this series, Hunting the Tigress, is already out.)
  • The Billionaire’s BBW Secret (since I do enjoy a good BBW story.)
  • Five Alarm Gang Bang (A follow-up to Five Alarm Firehouse, since these guys were fun to write!)
  • Mirrored (a very fun story that’s probably going to be novel length – it’s like Fight Club, only sex instead of fighting.)
  • and an as-yet-unnamed story about football and vampires.  Strange, I know

I truly appreciate all my fans, of course.  All two of them.  To show my appreciation, I think I’ll leave you all a snippet; a lovely, raunchy sex scene, from Hunting the Tigress.  If you enjoy this, I hope you’ll decide to support me and my craft and buy the entire short (this is only about one fifth of it!)

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